Day 2 – Plyo – Death – trics

Hello again everyone. Fortunately I awoke today with still some feeling left in my extremities after yesterdays workout. OK, actually there was a ton of feeling, PAIN! But, interestingly enough, I felt more alive, this sounds weird but there’s something about being able to “feel” all of your muscles in your body that makes you feel damn sexy. At least that’s what it does for me, but then I love myself so there ya go.

Today’s workout is one I have not done before and admittedly was petrified and not at all looking forward to it. I’ve done a few of the routines before but never any of the cardio routines and I heard this one was the mother of all X workouts. Matter of fact, when you pop in the Plyometrics DVD Tony goes on and on about how he is getting ready to actually kill you. There’s even a nice little warning right up front about consulting your physician and perhaps a coroner ahead of time.

Of course, I love pain and of course living on the edge is my middle name so volunteer torture seemed a fitting enough activity for the day. So, I embarked on the Plyometrics journey. Now, I must say, to further taunt you at every step of the way, Tony makes sure to put some sort of crippled person in each video who can rock the routine just to make you feel like a complete failure and really get inside your head. You see, Plyometrics is all about lunging and cardio, and in this workout there is a guy with a prosthetic leg doing the entire routine and killing it.

I honestly was able to do about 60% of the intensity and length of the workout on the first time out and honestly it was the best one I have done yet. Mostly because I hate cardio, well the typical treadmill, elliptical machine type of cardio. I find it incredibly boring and unless being chased by a gorilla or something I see no purpose in running for an hour without actually going anywhere. It lacks a certain amount of stimulation for me, no immediate gratification to work through the pain.

So, the interesting part of this program really comes after completion. You see, other than some burning in the legs and getting a little winded and sweating profusely the workout itself isn’t that bad. But after… Now that’s quite another story. My legs hurt so damn bad I can barely get up the stairs without wincing at each step.

I made it through another day though, and now can look forward to Plyo on the next go around. Without the same fear that I had this time.

By the way, I called 911 a few moments ago so they will come pick me up and hopefully get me patched up in time to attempt suicide through exercise again tomorrow.


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