another day of insanity…aka…death!

Well yesterday I told my brother Andrew that I would join in his weight lose challenge, so here goes my very first post in my very first blog.

Today was actually my, i don’t know, 9th day of the “insanity” workout by Shaun T. It is a great workout, however, this is my 9th day and it’s not seeming to get any easier! Today we did plyometrics cardio workout. I have learned to hate the word “plyometrics”…that usually means i’m going to be in severe pain. Once again, my legs are extremely sore and I was completely out of breath before I even finished the warm up! Today’s workout consisted of:

power squats
suicide drills
ski jumps
jumping jacks
level 1 drills (4 pushups, mountain climbers, then a vertical jump, and back down to plank position)
side jumps (while in the plank position, basically bringing your knees to alternating shoulders)
and there is more…i just can’t remember.

Anyways, it was a great workout and I do feel like I can hang in with the workout longer than when I started…but it still sucks! But I have already lost 12 lbs doing this and using some supplements. Well, that’s all for now. Tomorrow is a whole other day!!!


One response to “another day of insanity…aka…death!

  1. Awesome Carrie. Sounds pretty intense! lol

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