At the risk of tempting some of you with a food analogy… I feel like jello!

Okay, so, day 1 seems to have survived me. Yes, I said that right, it survived me. I was kicking and screaming the entire time, and did a fair amount of bitching at Tony on the TV. Seriously though, now that it’s over, I feel pretty good. And by pretty good I mean I can’t really lift my own arms and I am using a dictation program to write this post.

So, I did something today that I don’t normally do. Instead of getting up and rushing to the computer to check stats, missed emails, tweets, new fans and the like (ok, I did a brief check) I decided to get straight to business.

So, first things first, I called my buddy Jose Canseco to get a little workout supliment. Unfortunately he can’t get any these days, apparently he burned some bridges with his previous connections so he suggested I call Barry Bonds, and told me to not mention his name if I wanted to succeed. So I called Barry, and though he denied knowing anything about exercise supplements, he did hook me up.

So, now I’m juiced up and ready to go… hey, I told you I was serious about this stuff, I inserted the first DVD… Chest and Shoulders. Now, I really knew what was coming because I have done this routine before. I have done Chest and Shoulders, Abs, Legs, Biceps, and YogaX, then told Tony to drop dead.

So, on a serious note, it’s not really that bad, you just have to know to pace yourself. I have done it with friends before and they went all out in the beginning and couldn’t even do 1 pushup in the second half, and I know better. The biggest challenge is in your mind… Seriously. You have to convince yourself that you aren’t really dying, even though the defibrulators are charging and some dude is giving you mouth to mouth. You just have to muscle through, now today I think I could have done more, but there is always tomorrow.

PS. I could have done more if I wasn’t a complete out of shape computer geek, but, well… there you have it. I’ll work on that!

PSS. When I was in high school I won a record for doing the most push ups and pull ups… Does that mean all the people I beat back then are in worse shape than I am now? Because apparently my body doesn’t remember how to do a pull up. Aparently it’s a bit easier when you weight all of 125lbs. Perhaps when I knock off a few pounds I will be able to do more pull ups than a girl… until then, I’ll hang my head in shame.

Until tomorrow!


2 responses to “At the risk of tempting some of you with a food analogy… I feel like jello!

  1. your blog was funny, haha, dude. I’ve become deluded enough to think that if I lift my 4 month old boy, Parker, over my head and infront of me, that this is working out while I’m online working.

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