Health Challenge – Day 1

The ChallengeI recently decided to move my personal updates to this space as to not interfere with the other great things we are doing on the other blogs I write for.

This is my personal space, a place for me to openly take on the challenges of daily life, and continue to live my dreams.

Health and fitness is one of those things that I never seem to be able to make time for any more in my daily life. It’s all work, and that just ain’t cutting it any more. Recently I shaved my head as the start of a get in shape challenge that my business partner and I started. It’s really a worthy cause, get in shape. I remember when being in shape was something that you didn’t need to really try for, it was a part of life.

Those days are long gone, you have kids, a career, and manage to find every excuse in the book to cover the fact that you are just too damn tired and lazy to get on that boring ass treadmill. There doesn’t seem to be time or opportunity for a pick up game of football at the park any more, and it would probably kill you if there were. The fact is that being 30 something shouldn’t be like this. So, I have decided that I need to start and commit to living like I’m in my 20’s.

So here we go, I have already done a bunch of things but they don’t seem to stick for long. I did the master cleanse and lost 15lbs in 10 days, then took 7 back within a day after getting off the cleanse. And what did I learn? I learned that I love food (I already knew that), I love good food, it is one of the things in life one shouldn’t have to live without. So exercise must be the way to go, it actually makes you feel better as well and boosts your energy levels.

The challenge: P90X – 90 Days

The Goal: 45lbs

I will report my daily challenges, results, and agony (which there will be a lot of) here each day. Why? Because, I need support, I need to be accountable and what better way than to blog about it.

So, today is day 1. I will commence with the pain shortly, and will report back here after. Wish me luck!


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